The best approach to communicate with investors and lenders is to do it early and as often as possible. We communicate with our investors and lenders periodically through investor calls, performance reports & meetings, and forums such as Sustainable Development Day.
Each year since 2015, Vedanta has hosted the Sustainable Development Day in London. The day allows us to update analysts, investors and members of key industry bodies on the company's sustainable development activities in the past year and give them an opportunity to hold an open discussion with our management team.
At the meeting, Vedanta Resources Chairman Mr. Anil Agarwal reiterated the commitment to make a positive impact through operations by caring for employees, eradicating poverty, protecting the environment and contributing to the development of strong and vibrant nations.


Policies and regulations have a profound impact on the natural resources industry and thus we invest time and effort to maintain a proactive, honest, transparent and sustainable relationship with the government.
We consistently engage with governments and offer our expertise where required, and keep them informed on the progress of our projects, milestones traversed and challenges faced.


Our employees are our biggest assets and it's their perseverance that drives the Group's success. 'One Vedanta', the Group's intranet, enables effective engagement and communication with employees and is the preferred platform to share information, ideas and opportunities quickly. In addition to the intranet, there are Group-wide and business-specific newsletters that are distributed on a monthly or quarterly basis to help us engage with our employees in a transparent and timely manner.